Monday, May 17, 2010

Extra Projects

Our "Layers of the Atmosphere" FlipChart

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Collecting Data

We decided to create a few large class charts so we could see the data and any changes at one time. We have large class charts posted all over the room, plus a cloud chart.

For our individual journals, we are using this sheet for our data collection.

Mrs. Flood, our school nurse, sees many patients a day due to asthma or allergies. She keeps track of the air quality on a daily basis. If the air rating for the day is not good, she makes announcements to warn us. She keeps this chart outside her office and updates it. We will be checking in with her each day to see what the air quality rating is for the day.

Dividing the Duties

To make sure all measurements were taken on a daily basis, we decided to create a "job chart." The chart tells us what measurements to take each day, reminds us of what tool to use and shows us who our "air buddy" is for the day. This was a quick and easy way to make everything fair, clear and make us responsible for our part.


This paper is chemically treated to absorb Ozone and the Zikua instrument measures the amount, parts per billion.

We will be collecting a variety of measurements over several days. The instruments used would tell us different things about the air and ozone each day. We will be using a Wind Vane, a Hygro-Thermometer, a Zikua and an InfraRed Thermometer. The 1st goal is to figure out how to use all these tools!!

We had to find an elevated spot to place the wind vane for an accurate measurement of wind direction. Mr. Gomes' truck will work!

Meet the Scientists!!

Dr. Cohan, from Rice University, asked us to participate in an air quality study and we were honored! With about 40% of our schools' population suffering from either allergian or asthmatic conditions, this is a topic near and dear to our hearts. So, after our testing season, we got busy!